ultra-thin large drain pan


Ultra-Thin Large Drain Pan Type FCU

Air Flow: 190~1200 m³/h

                 112~706 CFM

Cooling Capacity: 1.31~6.30 kW

Features and benefits

·MEGA unique design: Drainage vent is set at the rock bottom of the coil, besides, the copper tube is going in/out straightly into the Aluminum fins, which makes sure that water can be completely drained out of the coil in winter time to avoid frozen damage.


·Slant positioned coil can enlarge the air flow facing area in order to increase the unit’s efficiency. The drawer design of coil makes it simple to change the unit pipe connection between right and left, which makes the installation and repairing work much convenient.

vertical and slant coil

·High efficiency with seamless copper tube mechanically expanded to aluminum fins.

aluminum fins

·Space saving thanks to compact design and unit body thickness is only 185mm.

185 mm

·Tight combination between fan blower and its casing reduces the air resistance, therefore, the efficiency is increased, at the same time, noise level is reduced.

low noise.

· 8 mm slope of the drain pan ensures the condensing water going smoothly to the lowest drainage outlet point to be drained out.