Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Cooling Only

R22 275 kW~3600 kW

R134a 245 kW~1820 kW

Features and benefits

High efficiency compressor
· Advanced twin screws compressor with optimum structure can  realize automatic stepless or 4 steps capacity control to achieve high efficiency.
· Running noise is low thanks to low friction area inside the compressor.
· The compressor has a long lifetime profiting from high performance of interior oil segregator.


super rotor

Precise Control
· Adopt the outer balance type thermal expansion valve, superior quality.

Thermal expansion valve

Complete protections ensure high reliability and stability
·Compressor overload protection
· Overheat protection
· Wrong or reverse phase protection
·High/low pressure protection
· Oil level protection
·Chilled or cooling water shortage protection
· Anti-freezing protection for chiller water
· Temperature sensor or communication failure malfunction alarm

Highly efficient and reliable heat exchanger
·Flooded type (optional) / dry type evaporator and shell & tube condenser, with unique heat exchanger structure and optimum copper pipe combination, enhance the heat emission and exchange efficiency greatly.
·Self-cleaning, high intensity and anti-shaking design ensure the heat exchanger unstained, reliable, quiet.

shell and tube heat exchanger flooded and dry type

Control functions
· Distant control function
· Multiple operation control function: cooling, self-diagnostic, manual changeover
· Record the malfunction query function
·User-friendly operation touch controller
·Intelligent control compatible with most communication

Network communication
·Support multiple electronic communication protocol
· Group control for multiple master units & Network communication with multiple intelligent equipments
·Compressors start up in sequence and balance the friction each other
· Self-diagnostic & Self-lock function
· Fully automatically energy saving operation


*Heat pump application (water source/Ground source) is available up to requirement.