Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Cooling Only & Heat Pump

R22      236 kW~1800 kW

R407c  221 kW~1690 kW

R134a  192 kW~1689 kW

Features and benefits

High efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor
World famous brand semi-hermetic compressor with oil separator built inside has a long lifetime. It can realize 4 steps or stepless capacity control. The unique squirrel-cage compressor motor started up by Y-Δ type can decrease start current by 33%, automatically cooled by the refrigerant. The customer can carry out high efficiency and low cost.

Advanced control
• SIEMENS PLC microcomputer controller and touch screen.
• Friendly and nice interface, easy operation.
• Stepless capacity regulation, temperature control accuracy is up to +/- 0.5 ¡æ to ensure a comfortable indoor environment.
• Advanced central monitoring system, group control, simple operation and auto-judgment of the cooling load to optimize the efficiency.


Shell & tube heat exchanger
DRY type shell & tube heat exchanger with inner grooved copper tubes optimizes the cooling & heating efficiency. Self-cleaning, high intensity, anti-shaking design and heat insulation covering material ensure shell & tube heat exchanger unstained, reliable, quiet, highly efficient.

Various protection
Water shortage protection, high/low voltage protection, anti-freezing protection, overload protection, overheat protection and oil level protection ensure high reliability and stability.

Electric control
The system can realize remote operation. The system can monitor the water temperature, capacity status and operating time while running. The water temperature can be controlled according to the water outlet temperature. The system also can be controlled intelligently. Trouble shooting code may display on the touch screen automatically when the system is abnormal. The unit can realize the interlock between the cool water temperature and chilled water temperature.

air side heat exchanger

Normal Design
* Zone A air flow mixing, small air volume in the bottom
* Vortex in zone B
* Zone C is with small air flow area

air side heat exchanger

MEGA Unique Design
* Big angle in zone A, no air flow conflict
* Big angle in zone B, no vortex
* Even air flow in zone C due to large air flow area

Reliable components
ALCO thermal expansion valve may provide stable and accurate control. Dry filters for obstacles to 40um keep the units stainless. Other parts include corner valve, solenoid valve, four way valve, high/low safety pressure switches, etc.

Convenient installation
The system can be installed on the building roof or outside without special machine room and water tower. The system is applied for hotel, hospital, cinema, school, office building, etc.