Air Cooled Modular Chiller

Air Cooled Modular Chiller Version A+

Cooling Only & Heat Pump

R410a 34/68/136 kW

Max. 2176 kW

Features and benefits

Best compressor equipped with intelligent control
Top brand scroll compressor brings high efficiency, high reliability, low noise, low vibration and compact size. By the application of the intelligent control, the system monitors the operating conditions of each compressor in running time and adjusts the operating time of each one in an intelligent and balanced way to prolong the lifetime of each unit.

copeland compressor

High efficiency water side plate heat exchanger        
The plate heat exchanger is more efficient and has a low refrigerant leakage rate, it’s made in acompact structure and weigh less, which benefits installation and maintenance.

Plate heat exchanger

Free combination
Up to 16 units can be combined together in one system and controlled by only one wired controller, maximum cooling capacity can reach 2176 kW. Modular design can also ease transportation and inventory.


free combination

Synchronized defrosting
In winter time, in a modular combination system, the control system will automatically balance the defrosting time for each module to prevent the combined modules from entering the defrosting operation at the same time, thus modules which don¡¯t need defrosting will continue running to generate hot water and ensuring that the heating is not interrupted.

Air cooled chiller

High efficiency air side
Adopt the totally enclosed air-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase motor, which has built-in overheat protection and an aluminum chassis, dust proof and water proof level reaches IP55.

Air cooled

Precise control
The electronic expansion valve can realize precise refrigerant and temperature control and ensure the equipment operating in precise and reliable status.

electronic expansion