air cooled modular chiller verson A

Air Cooled Modular Chiller Version A

Cooling Only & Heat Pump

R22 35/65/130 kW

Max. 1040 kW

Features and benefits

Flexible scroll compressor
Optimum refrigerant distribution technique, minimized components deformation design and non-lubricated rolling bearing guarantee high efficiency, reliable performance and low noise.

Daikin scroll compressor

High efficiency shell & tube heat exchanger
The chiller adopts highly efficient shell & tube exchanger with self-cleaning function and anti-shaking design. It enlarges the cooling capacity range a lot and ensures the minimum noise.

shell and tube heat exchanger

Modular structure design
The units can realize modular operation. Up to 16 units can be integrated to achieve a maximum capacity 1040kW output system.

High efficiency air side heat exchanger
Highly efficient heat exchanger with inner grooved copper tubes and aluminum fins selects V-shaped design and low-speed axial fans. That ensures high efficiency, big air volume and low noise.

High efficiency heat exchanger

Precise control
The electronic expansion valve can realize precise refrigerant and temperature control and ensure the equipment operating in precise and reliable status.

electronic expansion

User-friendly and intelligent control system
User-friendly touch controller provides an excellent operation experience.
Self-diagnostic system checks the malfunction automatically and error alarm is displayed on outdoor PCB and also on touch controller.

Easy installation
The units can be easily transported module by module, and it can be installed on the building roof or outside without requirement for dedicated machine rooms or water towers.

easy installation