MEGA – Making Extra Good Air!

MEGA Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a technology and quality oriented HVAC manufacturer in China, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of central air conditioning products.

Established in 2008, by performing for 8 years in HVAC industry, MEGA has made great success in China domestic market and began to take its place in global markets. We have played an important role in supplying our HVAC products to various projects including stadium, exhibition cener, automobile manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, microelectronics, hotels and municipal engineering.

The core of MEGA’s culture is innovation, in the past years we’ve been focusing on technology and design innovation, therefore we won a lot of patents on the technology and design for our products and enjoyed a good reputation in HVAC industry.

MEGA has been making an implement of continuous quality improving program. In cooperation with senior management team and professional expertise, MEGA has evolved not only R&D and processing engineering standard, but also manufacturing and quality control system.

MEGA is flexible and capable to design and manufacture customized products for heating, air conditioning, ventalation and industry refrigeration. As a system solution provider we are offering products and service with high value-adding potential for our customers, we win because our customers win.

MEGA – Making Extra Good Air!